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Philippines has one of the highest electricity cost in Asia, close to Japan. With our rapidly growing economy demand on electricity may hike at an anticipated rate more than 7000MW (MegaWatts) of power generation requirement in the next five years.

Known by many and understood by few, our economy relies on a diverse unhealthy and harsh mix of energy sources such as natural gas, oil but primarily coal. We’ve seen the unwanted by-products from using these conventional foundations. The more we demand without seeking cleaner alternatives, the more we set ourselves away from a better, safer and guilt-free future consumption.

Solar power as a common utility makes such and obvious economic sense for the energy consumers. Through innovation, technology, and globalization, consumers now have better than ever chances to access products and services that would give us the energy we demand on a daily basis.

GILMART Solar takes place in this platform as we bring our business out front to contribute and support this agenda and meet the energy needs of household and institutional energy spenders at the most cost-effective way as possible.

What do we aim?

We fully started marketing and selling our offers from the mid of 2019. So far we have contributed nearly 100kWp or Kilowatt “peak” to the general energy consuming market with current outstanding projects of about 200 kWp more. Our business philosophy is to constantly seek opportunities in substantiating this number.

We intend to bring people to invest at a guilt-free, safe, greener, alternative source of energy and encouraging people to take the shift and be part of what GILMART Solar believe should be the new normal.

Having solar access is what we perceive as green investment that aims you to save and generate you your income from solar energy at a long-term basis. GILMART Solar plays an essential role to this process as we assist you from consultation to asses your needs that best fit your daily household or business energy consumption, design creation of systematic blueprint to meet your energy requirements, until delivery of items and full installation as part of your agreed package. We are also open to sell our products to other solar businesses as we see this as an opportunity rather than a threat in expanding the entirety of the solar/green-commerce industry in the country.

What can we do?

We have established well our supply links with our local and European affiliates that provides us exclusive access and purchase rate to a wide variety of high grade products and equipment. To name a few we have prime On-Grid, Off-Grid, Hybrid inverters from Germany such as SMA and Outback. We have trustworthy solar panel brands locally sourced such as Panasonic and LG. We also can cater components from brands such as Pylontech and BYD. Our esteemed associations with them benefitted our product portfolio to sell at a strategically low price for your benefit.

We are authorized to import products as well hence; customs processes here and there sort our shipments easily, safely and timely. This compliments our goal to provide you high quality products and value of service installations at competitively domestic packaged pricing.

With that being said, GILMART Solar is well equipped to provide various solar product prime quality brands and gears to our consumers.

Main Products

These are the main products the company offers and provides.

Gilmart Solar Partner Brands

How technically qualified are we?

The brains and wit behind the company is certified to advice for consultation to your energy benefits and cater installation of our products. The GILMART Solar’s core technical knowledge and capabilities are supported and shaped by international Solar PV trainers, installers and suppliers.

Our founder, owner and head of operations and engineering has well over 25 years of experience in military electronic systems installations, design, testing, and repair field carrying such standards under the Royal Saudi Navy, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Gilbert Martinete is a competent electronic engineering professional with extensive background directing repair and maintenance of various military grade communications machinery. He has proven success in troubleshooting, designing, and modifying technical issues. Skilled in the integration, testing, and repair of systems including naval technology. His experience in the field made him an excellent leader and project manager to direct teams and operations seamlessly. Technically proficient and certified in multiple systems and software to know his language and capable to share with others.

On top of that, our need to fulfill client trust on our core knowledge and skills to the business, he is as well fully certified and trained by the Academy of Solar Power Education provided by Inutec Solarcenter International Gmbh of Germany and Solaric Corp., Philippines.