IMEON 3.6 All In One Hybrid inverter
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IMEON 3.6 All In One Hybrid inverter

Vendor: IMEON


IMEON 3.6 the single-phase hybrid solar inverter is dedicated to single-phase photovoltaic systems for self-production with storage. It works in all configurations: Smart-Grid / Off-Grid / Back-Up / On Grid.

This solar hybrid inverter with a power of 3kW perfectly suits residential applications.

 Buying an IMEON is a way to anticipate the future. With an embedded artificial intelligence, IMEON will evolve with the tools of tomorrow. No more obsolescence!


  • Photovoltaic power from 2 to 4 kWp
  • Storage capacity from 2 to 15 kWh
  • Integrated WiFi and Web server
  • Lithium-Ion batteries compatibility
  • Warranty up to 20 years
  • AI Inside

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